About GHT

GHT, together with its experienced team, is a Health Tourism Agency that provides a 360 degree service to patients from all over the world regarding all the procedures necessary for them to be treated in Turkey and has a Health Tourism Authorisation Certificate approved by Türsab.

Patients who contact us from all over the world are advised by our experienced patient consultants about the treatments and procedures they wish to undergo. Following the patient interviews, our expert health consultants perform meticulous research to meet the needs and expectations of our patients and offer the most accurate match at the optimal price.

From the moment our patients decide to receive their treatment in Turkey, their transport, accommodation, interpreters and special needs are taken care of by our expert teams until the last moment of the treatment process. Even after our patient returns to his/her country, he/she will be under our follow-up until the moment he/she no longer needs it with 24/7 service.

During your stay in Turkey, you will make a smart investment in your body and soul with our tourism package options that we have prepared for you to discover the historical and touristic beauties of our country and convert the treatment process into a pleasant experience.

With our high quality standards, our service concept based on total customer satisfaction, our professional and business management approach, our expert health consultants who put the patient at the centre, we promise that you will feel safe and have a health tourism experience that will fully meet your expectations.

You can contact us 24/7 via our website, social media, phone or email to find out more about our services.

Our Services

*We make the most accurate doctor and hospital matching for your needs, expectations and treatment.

This matching is carried out through meticulous research by our expert team to determine the most successful doctor and hospital options for your treatment.

*We provide you with a comfortable journey and a memorable accommodation experience.

We will make sure you have the most comfortable accommodation experience, as well as providing you with a flight ticket for your journey.  Our range of accommodation packages are designed to provide you an accommodation experience that will make you happy before and after your treatment.

*We will be with you throughout your stay in Turkey.

 We will be with you from the moment of your arrival until the moment of your return with our team speaking the same language as you. Whether you need an interpreter or a healthcare assistant, whatever you need, we are at your service.

*We follow you even after your treatment is over!

We will continue to be at your service during the follow-up period once you have returned to your home country. We will accompany you through all the necessary follow-up procedures, together with your doctor.

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