Breast Implant Revision Stages

Breast implants are a frequently chosen method in modern aesthetic surgery. However, over time, revision surgeries, or corrections, may be necessary in some cases. The stages of breast implant revision can vary depending on the patient’s needs and the characteristics of the previous operation. In this article, we will discuss the fundamental steps of the breast implant revision process and the points that need attention.

1. Evaluation and Planning

The revision process begins with a detailed evaluation and planning phase. At this stage, the condition of the existing implants, the patient’s health status, and expectations are considered. The doctor assesses the current state of the implants using imaging methods such as ultrasound, mammography, or MRI. This evaluation plays a critical role in determining the scope and method of the operation.

2. Choosing the Operation Technique

Breast implant revision can be performed using various techniques. It may be necessary to change, reposition, or completely remove the implant. Additionally, procedures for correcting complications like capsular contracture or aesthetic enhancements may be required. The doctor determines the most suitable technique based on the patient’s condition and desires.

3. Operation and Recovery

The revision surgery is generally performed using the scars from the previous surgery. The duration of the operation and the recovery process vary depending on the procedures performed. Patients should follow the doctor’s recommendations after the operation and attend check-ups for the specified period.

4. Results and Follow-up

The results of the breast implant revision usually become clear within a few weeks. However, it may take several months to assess the final outcome. Patients should stay in communication with their doctors in case of any concerns or complications.


Breast implant revision should be carefully planned and implemented to achieve a successful aesthetic result. Under the guidance of an expert plastic surgeon, patients can safely and satisfactorily achieve the appearance they desire.