Procedure Time

2 hours

Hospitalization Period

1 day

Recovery Time

Average 3 Months

What are deformity corrections?

Deformity correction is a procedure to correct bone bending and deformities. Deformities usually occur in children and young people. Deformities that occur at these times can seriously affect the general health status at a later age. For this reason, early diagnosis of deformities is very important.

There are different methods of correcting deformities, depending on the age, location and condition of the deformity.

How are deformity corrections performed?

Plates are placed in the bone area of children with deformities in childhood. The plates provide correction of the bone by removing the deformity of the bone.

In childhood transitions, deformity corrections are made by fracturing the bone. The procedure is performed by determining how much the bone should be corrected considering the leg condition calculated in the computer.

How does the process progress after deformity correction?

After deformity correction surgeries, certain exercises are performed with a physiotherapist without putting weight on the treated area. At the same time, smoking should be stopped to accelerate the healing of bone tissue. Protein rich foods should be consumed; importance should be given to taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Are there any problems after correction of the deformity?

Adults and children do not experience any problems in their social life after deformity correction procedures. People continue their lives with improved function and muscle strength.

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