Procedure Time

7-10 days

Hospitalisation time

Not required

Recovery time

No recovery time

Dental veneers are used to achieve an aesthetic appearance by taking into account factors such as discolouration of the tooth enamel, defects in appearance, size differences and deformities. Dental veneer treatment is a very advantageous application in terms of achieving a quick and effective result. It is usually possible to achieve the desired smile in an average of 2 sessions. Achieving an aesthetic appearance that attracts attention with its naturalness is the primary goal of dental veneer treatment.

How is a dental veneering performed?

Before the treatment, a detailed dental examination of the patient is performed and dental X-rays are taken. According to the results obtained, it will be decided what kind of veneer will be applied. The mould of the tooth where the veneer will be applied is taken and a design compatible with the tooth surface is created. Material selection is made after the measurement. Before starting the procedure, the patient’s  mouth and teeth cleaning will be performed. Usually, in the 2nd session, the patient’s dental veneer is placed in the mouth.

What are the types of dental veneers?

How long does the dental veneer procedure take?

As GHT Global Health team, we will be with you all the time during the dental veneer application you will perform in our affiliated institutions and we will make you feel at home.

The average treatment process is 2 sessions. However, depending on the condition of the teeth in some patients, the treatment process can be up to 4 sessions. In order to achieve the best result from the treatment, aesthetic expectations are prioritised and the treatment process is organised accordingly.

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