Duration of procedure

30 minutes

Hospital stay

Not required

Recovery time

3-7 days

The intragastric balloon is a method used for people who cannot lose weight using methods such as exercise and diet. A silicone balloon filled with air or liquid is placed in the stomach to reduce the frequency and size of meals. The gastric balloon that helps the person lose weight can stay in the stomach for an average of 6 months.

How is gastric balloon surgery performed?

During gastric balloon surgery, you will perform in our affiliated institutions, and all your needs are met by expert teams in the field. As the GHT Global Health team, we will always be with you throughout your entire process and will always make you feel at home.

An average of 8 hours of fasting is required before the application. The patient’s vascular access is opened and a sedative injection is given to the body. Then the inside of the patient’s stomach is visualised with an endoscope. The balloon, which is lowered to the stomach bypassing the oesophagus, is inflated. Thus, the operation is completed. The operation takes an average of half an hour.

To whom can gastric balloon be applied?

The gastric balloon is inserted to those with a body mass index above 25. It is not applied to people who are slightly overweight or who want to look thin due to aesthetic concerns. The gastric balloon, which is usually placed on people who are overweight or have obesity complaints, can also be used in the preparation phase for different stomach surgeries.

What are the risks of gastric balloon surgery?

It is quite normal to experience stomach cramps, nausea or vomiting during the first few weeks after gastric balloon surgery. In order to minimise these expected situations, attention should be paid to the recommended diet list. The balloon inserted after the operation may give a feeling of bloating.

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