Procedure Time

15-20 mins

Hospitalisation Period


Recovery Time

15 Days

The gastric injection is a procedure in which an injection substance that reduces the level of hunger hormone is injected into certain parts of the stomach using an endoscopic method. The aim is to trigger weight loss by injecting the injection substance. The gastric injection procedure does not involve an incision or surgical procedure, but there are factors to be considered during preparation.

Who is suitable for gastric injection?

Anyone who wants to lose weight can benefit from gastric injections. However, it is generally applied to patients with a body mass index above 30. Gastric injections are also applied to patients who are overweight but not obese.

How is the stomach injection procedure performed?

Gastric injection is a procedure that does not require any surgical instrument or incision. Firstly, the endoscope device is inserted into the stomach through the throat. After the endoscope is placed in the stomach, injection is provided with the needle attached to the endoscope tip. After the injection is finished, the endoscope is removed. The procedure usually takes half an hour. Hospitalisation is recommended for 1-2 hours after the procedure.

What are the risks of gastric injection?

As with any procedure, some side effects or risks arising from the procedure process may occur in the gastric injection procedure. Possible risks can be listed as follows:

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