Procedure time

5 days

Hospitalisation Period

Not required

Recovery time

No recovery time

Smile aesthetics, also known as smile design, is a set of procedures that are performed on teeth or gums with an aesthetically impaired appearance, taking into account the shape of the face, the expectations and the needs of the patient. In smile design, where many procedures such as teeth whitening, dental aesthetics, dentures, dental veneers, orthodontics and implants can be performed together, the primary goal is to give the patient both a healthy and aesthetic smile.

In which situations is Smile Design performed?

How is a smile design performed?

The smile design process starts by taking mouth measurements according to the patient’s expectations and needs. These measurements are used to create models and plans on the computer. The patient is informed of the type of smile they will have after treatment. Ideas about temporary restorations will be discussed. After planning, if there is an orthodontic problem, the treatment step is started. Any irregularities in the level of the gums will be corrected. Implant application is performed for patients with tooth deficiency.  In addition, aesthetic composite fillings or lamina/porcelain veneers are preferred to eliminate visual defects.

You will have a comfortable operation process during the smile design operations you will perform in our affiliated facilities. As the GHT Global Health team, we will be with you throughout the process to make you feel at home.

What are the benefits of Smile Design?

Smile design provides patients with a healthy and aesthetic smile. They gain self-confidence. The chewing function becomes more functional.

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