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Health Treatment Plans

GHT is a health tourism agency that provides 360° services to patients from all over the world, covering all the necessary procedures for their treatment in Turkey.

As a result of the advice we provide, from the moment the patient decides to be treated in Turkey by the most suitable doctor and hospital, their transport, accommodation, interpreter and special needs are taken care of by our agency. Even after the patient returns to his or her country, he or she will be under our care until the moment he or she no longer requires treatment.

Our services include

Hair Transplantation

Bariatric Surgery

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Dental Applications

Ear Surgery



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The services we provide with our affiliated institutions and doctors

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Wouldn’t you like to discover the beauty of Turkey during your treatment?

In addition to your treatment planning, we also offer a unique health travel opportunity where you can discover the beauties that await you in Turkey!  According to your wishes, we can offer you a travel service that you can enjoy before or after your treatment. You can visit historical sites, enjoy our beautiful beaches and take advantage of shopping opportunities while you are in Turkey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Health tourism is a type of tourism service whereby people can take benefit of tourism opportunities by travel to a country other than their national country of residence to receive treatment. Health tourism is frequently preferred because it is a type of service that includes receiving quality service at a more affordable cost.

Turkey has become a preferred country for health tourism due to its ease of transportation, accommodation and holiday opportunities, geographical structure, technology and success in health services. There are 112 JCI accredited health institutions. Turkish doctors have achieved significant success in many international fields and have made contributions to scientific literature.

You should bring all documents, reports and information relating to your health problem with you when you travel to Turkey for treatment.

Yes. Our consultants, who are experts in the field of health, will provide you with interpreters and counsellors in your own language

All transfers and flight arrangements for your trip to Turkey will be our responsibility.

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