Procedure time

1 hour

Hospitalisation period

Not required

Recovery time

1-2 weeks

What is eyebrow lift surgery?

Eyebrow lift surgery is performed to correct sagging of the upper eyelid and eyebrows, which can lead to a tired, tense or nervous look on the face. It is an operation that is usually performed using surgical methods such as brow lifting, endoscopic brow lifting and classic brow lifting.

How is eyebrow lift surgery performed?

A classic brow lift, also known as a temple lift, is performed by stretching the scalp after the hair has been removed. Because it is performed inside the scalp, it is a disadvantageous operation in terms of creating bald patches, as the long suture lines widen over time. For this reason, operations such as endoscopic brow lifting or brow suspension are more often preferred.

In brow suspension surgery, performed under local anaesthetic, a small hole is made at the front of the hairline and the brow is fixed in the desired position. Endoscopic brow lifting, on the other hand, is an operation performed with a thin and small camera called an endoscope, which leaves no trace.

What is the recovery process after eyebrow lift surgery?

After the operation, tape and bandages are applied around the eyebrows and forehead. A cold compress will also be applied to the forehead to help reduce oedema and swelling. Stitches are usually removed on the seventh day after the operation and the swelling will have gone down. There may be some numbness in the area for a while after the operation, but this is temporary.

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