Who Can Undergo Obesity Surgery: A Guide for a Healthier Life

Obesity is a health issue affecting millions worldwide, posing significant health risks. In such cases, obesity surgery (bariatric surgery) often presents an effective solution. However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for these procedures. So, who can qualify for obesity surgery?

Body Mass Index (BMI): The Primary Criterion

The most critical criterion for being a candidate for obesity surgery is your Body Mass Index (BMI). Generally, individuals with a BMI of 40 or above, or those with a BMI between 35-39.9 who suffer from obesity-related health issues (like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure) are suitable candidates for these surgeries.

Health Condition and History

Obesity surgery is a significant decision requiring a detailed health assessment. Factors like chronic diseases, past surgeries, and overall health status can affect the risks and success of the surgery.

Psychological Readiness

Obesity surgery is not just a physical change but also a psychological transformation process. Patients need to adapt to lifestyle changes and develop healthy eating habits after the surgery. Therefore, being psychologically prepared for the surgery is crucial.

Lifestyle Changes

Post-obesity surgery, patients must make significant changes in their diet and exercise habits. Adopting this new lifestyle is essential for sustaining weight loss.

Suitability Assessment for the Surgery

Before deciding on obesity surgery, a comprehensive evaluation by a multidisciplinary health team is necessary. This team usually includes a bariatric surgeon, a dietitian, a psychologist, and other specialists if needed.


Obesity surgeries can be an effective method in combating obesity, but they are not suitable for every individual. BMI, health condition, psychological readiness, and adaptability to lifestyle changes are key factors in determining suitability for the surgery. It is crucial to proceed under the guidance of a professional health team to ensure the healthiest and safest path.